Homeless Man Saved Life Of Newborn

Giving birth to a baby is difficult at the best of times, but the experience of one mother in Oklahoma City was particularly so.

Keaton Mason was driving with her fiancé when she went into labor, KOTV reported.

The couple pulled over at a truck stop and Mason soon gave birth to her daughter on the passenger’s seat of the car.

But the newborn baby girl was not breathing.

“It was crazy,” Jennifer Morris, a 911 dispatcher, told KOTV.

“The lady was screaming, ‘My baby, my baby’s blue … she’s not breathing’,” she added.

The baby had the umbilical chord wrapped around its neck, preventing it from breathing.

Mason and her husband panicked and were unsure what to do. It was then that Gary Wilson, a homeless man, stepped in to help.

Wilson followed the instructions of the dispatcher and freed the baby from the chord and tied it. He then rubbed the newborn's back as she began to breathe.

“He did everything perfectly right,” said paramedic Sandra Lesperance.

Wilson said he was hitchhiking from Montana to Jacksonville, Florida.

One of the paramedics referred to the surreal experience.

“[I] looked over and this guy was holding a sign saying Memphis,” Tim Ward said.

After Wilson’s help, employees at the truck stop offered him a meal and a place to stay. By the following morning, he had left on his way.

“I would describe him as kind of looking like Jesus,” one employee told KOTV. “He had the long hair, the long beard. [He was] a very nice gentleman.”

Mason was glad of his presence.

“He kept me pretty calm actually,” she said. “He said ‘Everything’s ok. She’s ok, she’s breathing’.”

Tatum Brown was 4 pounds 11 ounces at birth.

“He was our angel that night, that's for sure,” Mason said of Wilson to CBS.

Sources: KOTV, CBS / Photo credit: Digtriad.com/New York Daily News

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