Woman's "Duck Face" Mug Shot Goes Viral


An Ohio woman was arrested for refusing to leave her hotel room, and her mug shot has since gone viral.

Reports say that Angela Green, 34, and her friend had to be forcibly removed from The Quality Inn in Wickliffe, Ohio after hotel management called the police to report that they were refusing to leave.

“The officer explained they needed to leave or rent the room for another day and the female became loud and uncooperative," wrote the Wickliffe Police Department on their Facebook page. “As the couple was being escorted from the building it was discovered that she had provided fictitious information. Once outside, the female continued to become loud and uncooperative and refused to identify herself. After a brief struggle the female was arrested and transported to the WPD.”

When Green got to the police station, she decided to pose for a “duck face” mug shot, and since being posted on the Wickliffe Police Department’s Facebook page, the picture has gone viral. So far, the picture has been shared 293 times on the social networking site, and media outlets are starting to spread the picture around the Internet.

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“Looks like something you catch fishing in the ocean and throw back!” one user commented on Facebook.

Green has since been released on $354 cash bond.

Sources: Daily Mail, My Fox 8, NY Daily News


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