'There's A Monster Out There': Dismembered Woman Found In Niagara Falls Had Ties To 2012 Victim

Terri Lynn Bills’ dismembered body was found in an abandoned house in Niagara Falls, New York, on June 16.

Neighbor Crystal Frizzell called the police when she smelled a strong odor coming from the abandoned home in western New York and saw what she believed was a dead body. Police discovered the corpse was significantly decomposed and missing the head, arms and feet.

Police believe the body was placed there after a crime occurred and that Bills, 46, had been dead for at least a week. The missing body parts have yet to be recovered, WKBW reported. The cause of death hasn’t been disclosed, but police are seeking anyone who might have seen suspicious activity near the home.

Some have pointed out the similarities between this case and the unsolved murder of Loretta Gates, a 30-year-old mother of three who was killed in 2012. Her body parts were found in a Niagara Falls park and the Niagara Falls River. Bills was Gates’ aunt through marriage, WIVB reported. The station also reported that both women were involved in drugs and prostitution. 

 "There's a monster out there," Tammy Gates, Loretta Gates' mother, told WIVB. "I don't care if they were involved in drugs or prostitution. They don't deserve this.”

Authorities have not commented on any possible connection between the cases, but Terri Bills' stepson, Richard Mattoon Jr., believes they are related.

"The thing is, it's like my cousin Loretta — when she started to clean up, that's when it happened. Terri was starting to clean up, this is when it happened," Mattoon told WIVB.

Sources: WKBW, WIVB

Image: WKBW Screenshot, Family photo via CBS News


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