Cops Fatally Shoot Woman For Holding Cleaver


The body cam video of a North Carolina officer who fatally shot a civilian has been released by authorities in an effort to show that the death was justified.

On March 25, 2014, Chieu Di Thi Vo, 46, was shot and killed by a police officer after authorities were called to a fight at an apartment complex. Vo was born in Vietnam and did not understand English. She was quarreling with her mother and shouting in Vietnamese at the time of the incident.

Police allege that she came over to the officer with a butcher knife and refused orders to drop the weapon, according to WGHP.

The Vo family saw the body camera footage for the first time in May 2015, and the family's lawyer, Tin Nguyen, contends that the shooting was unjustified.

However, the Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott said the shooting was sensible and warranted.

The shocking video shows Officer Tim Bloch asking people where Vo is, as the video starts. In the footage, a cop yells “put it down,” before unloading several rounds on Vo, who suffered from bipolar disorder.

The shooting lasted for about six seconds and the woman died in the hospital two hours later. Vo was on a number of medications and was once committed to a mental institution two decades ago by family members, according to WGHP.

“My training took over and it’s what probably saved my life,” Bloch said.  

Bloch, who left the force in 2014, did not face any repercussions from the law enforcement investigation, according to the Daily Mail.

Vo’s family maintains that the way the case was handled is unacceptable and protested that it took two years for the video to be publicly released.

“We have serious concerns about the process in which the city has taken on to release the video,” said Cat Bao Le, executive director of the Southeast Asian Coalition.

Le’s organization, which helped the Vo family find a lawyer, says city officials and police officers failed to give them sufficient notice when the video was released.

Sources: Daily Mail, WGHP / Photo credit: Greensboro Police Department via Daily Mail

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