Woman's Car Crashes Into Two Trucks, She Survives (Video)


A horrific dashcam video of a crash that took place in Belgium back on Aug. 13 recently surfaced.

Jasmien Claeys was driving a Ford Focus when she tried to cross two lanes to make her exit (video below).

Claeys made it across the first lane, but was unaware there was a truck stopped in the second lane, which was backed up with traffic, notes CarScoops.com.

Claeys crashed into the truck and was hit by a second truck with the dashcam.

Amazingly, Claeys survived both crashes, but broke her top two vertebrae and hand. She also ended up in a coma, reports The Daily Dot.

However, Claeys told Belgian news station HLN on Sunday that she is "recovering exceptionally well."

Sources: CarScoops.com, The Daily Dot, HLN


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