Woman Yells Racist Slur At Man And Gets Hosed Down (Video)

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A recent viral video shows a man spraying a woman in a wheelchair with a hose after she allegedly called him a racial slur.

Although it’s not clear what the woman said to anger the man with the hose, the video shows the woman yelling at the man. Whatever the woman said upsets the man, and suddenly, he starts to spray the woman in her wheelchair from across the street.

“Who you calling a n****r?” the man asks as he hoses the lady down.

“My foot is wet!” the woman appears to retort as she stands up out of the chair drenched in water from head to toe.

The two continue to exchange words as he continues to spray her with the hose, and finally, the woman gets back in her electric wheelchair and speeds off down the road.

“We’re no longer in the sixties,” the cameraman says as the video ends. “We have rights.”

Reddit user choiceswemake posted a link to the YouTube clip last night, and the clip itself already has almost 75,000 views in just two days. Check it out below.

Source: YouTube, Reddit


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