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Woman Writes Brutally Honest Letter To Her Mother-In-Law

Earlier this month, Opposing Views told you about the mom who penned an honest letter to her ex-husband’s girlfriend welcoming her to their family, and now, the blogger has done it again, this time in a letter to her late mother-in-law.

Blogger Tina Plantamura wrote an open letter to her ex-husband’s new girlfriend earlier this month, and quickly, that letter went viral. Now, in a letter to her deceased mother-in-law, she expresses regret for the time that she spent resenting her.

“You always stole my thunder. You gave them everything they wanted. You never said no when they asked for anything,” Plantamura writes. “A second helping of dessert. Candy before dinner. A few more minutes in the bath. Money for the ice cream truck. How I struggled to show you respect and appreciation while trying to make sure you didn't spoil my children. I thought you would turn them into "selfish brats" by giving them everything they wanted. I thought they might never learn to wait, to take turns, to share, because you granted their wishes as soon as they opened their mouths and pointed.”

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Plantamura goes on to express that she only realized how much her mother-in-law meant to her after she passed away.

“It's pointless to dwell on regrets, but I often think about how I had it all wrong,” Plantamura says. “I was so wrong in how I perceived your generosity. My kids, now in their teens, miss you dearly. And they don't miss your gifts or your money. They miss you. They miss running to greet you at the door and hugging you before you could step in. They miss looking up at the bleachers and seeing you, one of their biggest fans, smiling and enthralled to catch their eye. They miss talking to you and hearing your words of wisdom, encouragement and love.

“If I could speak to you one more time, I would tell you that every time a precious moment steals my heart, every time I watch them arrive at a new milestone, and every time they amaze me with their perseverance, talents or triumphs, I think of you,” the blogger continues. “And I wish that they could have you back.”

Take a look at Plantamura’s letter in its entirety here.

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