Woman Who Was Raped Twice in One Hour Says She Asked Second Suspect for Help

A woman who was raped by two men in one hour reportedly approached the second suspect on the street to ask him for help.

The 31-year-old victim says she was walking home from a bar in Brooklyn at 5 a.m. when the first sexual attack took place. Nicholas Isaac, 17, allegedly pulled a gun out on her before threatening her life as he raped her, reports Daily Mail. Leaving the violent incident less than one hour later, the woman reportedly ran into 20-year-old Daquan Jackson less than a block way from where she had been raped, reports the New York Post. She says she asked him for help.

Jackson’s response, according to assistant district attorney Wilfredo Cotto, was horrifying: “I’m going to do the same to you.”

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(via Daily Mail)

He then reportedly threatened the woman with a gun and said, “You are going to s--- my d--- or I am going to shoot you, I have a gun.”

Despite the woman’s protests to leave her alone, she says he assaulted her. Jackson is currently facing sex abuse charges and is being held on $50,000 cash bail.

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(via Daily Mail)

Jackson’s attorney claims the man featured in the surveillance video is not his client. Jackson, who he says has had the same girlfriend for five years and works as a union roofer, asked for his DNA to be tested as soon as he was arrested, which isn’t something he says a guilty person would do.

Isaac, meanwhile, was arrested on Saturday and charged with sex assault and robbery. The victim identified him in a lineup, but did not ID the second suspect.

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Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post

Photo Credit: Police Handout


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