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'They're Trying To Bury It': Woman Speaks Out On Police's Failings Regarding Her Alleged Rapist, Shooter

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A man who allegedly raped a woman was later arrested in connection to a shooting rampage. Now, his alleged rape victim is blaming police for not doing more to prevent the deadly crimes.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, Maine resident Brittany Irish, 21, explained how days before the shooting rampage, Anthony Lord, 35, had kidnapped her on July 14 and brought her to a remote cabin, the Portland Press Herald reported. He allegedly strangled her with a seat belt, then sexually assaulted her four times. The next morning, Lord reportedly released Irish because she had promised not to report him to police.

However, when Irish returned to Bangor, Maine, she immediately told police her story. She then allegedly went to a Bangor hospital where she was treated for the sexual assault and discussed her case with a state police detective.

Officers advised her to text Lord like nothing had happened, according to Irish. When Lord agreed to meet Irish on July 16, authorities called him and informed him that the case had been reported, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Two hours later, a barn belonging to Irish’s mother caught on fire.

When Irish arrived at her parents’ home with police, she begged authorities to stay at the house because she was “afraid.” However, police reportedly insisted that they didn’t have the manpower to keep an officer at her home overnight.

After setting the barn on fire, Lord reportedly beat up a homeowner and stole a truck and guns, then returned to the Irish family's home in the early hours of July 17 and shot their door. Irish was reportedly shot as well as her boyfriend, Kyle Hewitt, who died.

Irish managed to escape after Lord shot her mother. Irish reportedly flagged down a neighbor, Carlton Eddy, who happened to be driving down the road to survey the barn’s fire damage. However, Lord tracked the car and managed to shoot Eddy three times until he stopped the vehicle.

Lord then captured Irish and drove with her in a high-speed chase before pulling into a wooded area and shooting two woodworkers after they noticed Irish’s injuries. One woodworker, Kevin Tozier, died as a result of his injuries.

After stealing two other trucks and sexually assaulting Irish again, Lord finally turned himself in.

In total, Lord's 18-hour shooting rampage left two people dead and five others injured, including Irish.

Lord was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping. Other charges are pending, according to Maine State Police. 

Irish reportedly came forward because she wants answers from the police.

"They are not willing to tell the truth to anybody," she said at the press conference on Wednesday. "They're trying to bury it like nothing happened, like this wasn't their fault."

Police are reportedly investigating Irish's assault claims as part of Lord's homicide case.

State police Col. Robert Williams issued a statement on Wednesday, which read:

“State police wish to express sympathy and condolences to all of the victims of the events last week in Benedicta, Silver Ridge and Lee.

"Brittany Irish and all of the victims and their families have been through a very traumatic event. State police last week were investigating a sexual assault incident where Brittany was the victim. In the aftermath of many major incidents, state police typically conduct a review of our response and we will do so in this case.

“This is a double homicide prosecution now in the court system. As with any active homicide investigation, it would not be appropriate to discuss additional details at this time.”

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Sources: Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News, Reddit

Photo Credit: Portland Press Herald 


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