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California Woman Found Dead In Walmart Parking Lot Might Have Been There For Months

A woman found dead in a Walmart parking lot in California might have been there for several months.

Lauren Moss, 22, was reported missing from a rehab center on Nov. 13, 2015, the Daily Mail reports.

After police recovered the body on Feb. 3, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Commander John Thornburg said it appeared as though Moss had been in the vehicle for only a few days.

But Walmart’s surveillance footage showed Moss’ car parked in the same spot as long ago as the beginning of December 2015. The vehicle could have been there even longer, as the footage was only available as far back as that point.

A Walmart employee raised the alarm after noticing the car had been in the lot for several days. 

Employees investigated on Feb. 3 and realized a body was inside, The Californian reports. It was found to be badly decomposed.

The silver Volkswagen had tinted windows and a sun protector, making it difficult for passers-by to have noticed Moss inside.

Toxicology results were pending following an autopsy.

Moss’ sister said a suicide note had been left for her family.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Californian / Photo credit: KSBW

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