$50K Bail For Woman Charged For Using 'N-Word' (Video)


A 26-year-old woman from Chicago has been charged with hate crime and battery after a video of her using the "n-word" went viral (video below).

Jessica Sanders was seen in a recording from July 30 shouting at an African-American couple, DNAinfo reported.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in August and went viral. It had been viewed around 700,000 times by the morning of Oct. 17, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

The confrontation occurred when Ernest Crim and his wife wanted to play a game of beanbags at a local festival. But they were only able to find one beanbag.

Sanders, who was close by, playing with another group, reportedly threw a bag but did not collect it.

When Crim’s wife went to get the bag, Sanders began the verbal abuse.

“What [Sanders] did is just a symptom of something that society, this country, is producing. She's just outward with it. Before this even happened, this has been a rough summer being a black person,” Crim said in an interview with DNAinfo.

Crim managed to capture some of what Sanders was saying on his cellphone, but at one point, she knocked it out of his hand to the ground.

Crim said later that his wife was so stressed by the incident that she began crying.

“We’ve both never dealt with something so direct in its racism,” Crim told DNAinfo.

A security officer intervened to break up the incident. It was not until Oct. 12 that Sanders was arrested on the hate crime charge.

Sanders was already under supervision for an incident where she used racial slurs against a police officer.

She made her first court appearance Oct. 15.

Sanders was released on bail after paying $5,000, 10 percent of the $50,000 total.

WARNING: Racist language.

Sources: DNAinfo (2), Chicago Sun Times / Photo credit: Facebook via DNAinfo

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