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Woman Who Stole And Euthanized Neighbor's Dog Headed To Jail

A woman who stole and euthanized her cancer-stricken neighbor’s dog has learned her fate.

Gisele Paris, 58, was found guilty on charges of theft, receiving stolen property, and cruelty to animals in December 2014.

Paris stole an eight-year-old Siberian Husky named Thor from her neighbor, Mark Boehler, who was undergoing treatment for stage III esophageal cancer. Thor was taken by Paris from Boehler’s fenced-in yard on Thanksgiving Day in 2013, but Paris claimed that she found the dog in a vacant lot.

Boehler asked that the dog be returned safely, only to later learn it had been euthanized, reports The Daily Mail.

Paris claimed she found the dog to be neglected and took it upon herself to care for the animal, but after bringing it to an animal hospital in February 2013, found the cost of treatment for the dog too expensive and decided to have it put down.

An attorney for the prosecution argued that Paris had the dog killed to cover up the fact that she had stolen the animal.

“Gisele Paris was on a criminally delusional mission to take Thor from a situation, from conditions that she didn't approve of,” the attorney said during the week-long trial. “Then it becomes more than she can deal with. The police close in on her, and she kills the dog to destroy the evidence.”

Boehler gave emotional testimony in court, crying at times and even raising his voice at Paris, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

“Cause it was my dog. It wasn’t her dog. She took it into her hands to bury on her property with her family pets,” said Boehler. “It was my family pet. I had him for over eight years. She had him for two months. He didn’t last two months with her, but he lasted over eight years with me, so who treated him right?”

Paris’ cousin believes she had no malice against Thor and has cared for all kinds of animals. He places the blame on Boehler.

“This verdict is the most unjust and the sentence is the most vicious and vindictive, inappropriate, and the problem here was the maltreatment and abuse of the animal in the first place by its owner who has performed theatrics for you, the media happily and in the courtroom,” said Barry Paris, the defendant’s cousin.

An investigation by numerous agencies of Boehler’s home found the conditions to be acceptable, according to Pittsburgh Police Officer Christine Luffey.

Paris will serve three to six months in jail, followed by 18 months of probation.

“I think it was very fair and there is justice,’” Boehler said about the sentence. “She's going to pay dearly ... I was hoping that the judge would be hard on her and he was."

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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