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Woman Who Stole And Euthanized Her Cancer-Stricken Neighbor's Dog Found Guilty (Video)

A Pennsylvania woman has been found guilty of stealing and euthanizing her cancer-stricken, terminally ill neighbor’s dog, and now, she could face up to a decade in prison.

On Thanksgiving in 2013, Gisele Paris was allegedly out for a walk when she stole a Siberian husky named Thor from her neighbor’s yard because she believed that it was being neglected. At the time, the dog’s owner, Mark Boehler, was going through treatment for Stage 3 cancer, and once his beloved dog was gone, he frantically put out a search for Thor on the belief that he was just missing.

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After stealing the dog, however, Paris reportedly kept it for months until hiring a veterinarian to euthanize it this past February. During her trial, prosecutors said that she had the dog killed in order to “hide the evidence.”

Upon learning that Thor was dead, Boehler was devastated, but now, he says that he is relieved Paris was found guilty of the charges against her.

“I was thrilled to death she got convicted,” Boehler said. “If somebody did that to her dog, she would be crying like a baby. She knew what she did. She took that dog. I hope she does time for it so she can sit in jail and think about what she did.”

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Pittsburgh police Officer Christine Luffey, who arrested Paris back in February, says she agrees with the jury’s decision.

“The jury got it right,” Luffey bluntly stated. “I have spoken to Mark Boehler throughout this whole ordeal. Every time we talked, he cried.”

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Now that she’s been found guilty, Paris will be placed under house arrest and will only be allowed out to walk her own dog. She could face up to 10 years in prison when it comes time for sentencing.

Sources:Daily Mail, CBS News, NY Daily News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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