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Fake Account Befriends Facebook Users Worldwide

Fake Facebook profiles going by the name "Madhu Shah" have been befriending people around the world.

The main targets so far have been people in India, the Daily Mail reports.

All of the profiles have made use of the same woman’s picture. It is not known whether the woman in the picture knows her image is being used in this way.

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"WARNING: Do not take this #Fake #MadhuShah #Scam lightly," a man named Pawan Manghnani wrote in a Facebook post on May 16, according to the Mail.

"In this case, Ignorance is not bliss but stupidity!! Someone had to initiate this. Have done [...] thorough research on this scary issue all week & posting this now for everybody's benefit."

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"There are about 34 different fb accounts (on last count) with the same name, same profile pic (attached for ref) but different cities," Manghnani added.

Pictures of a deity are usually found on the accounts, and no life information about the person is provided, according to There are also usually no status updates.

"The worrying thing is, have more than 150 mutual friends with this fake account since about 4 years now but none of the friends I checked with knows her/him," Manghnani noted in his Facebook post, the Mail reports.

Manghnani urged others to immediately unfriend Shah and block the account.

Some of the pictures on the various "Madhu Shah" accounts have reportedly been changed since the story began to circulate.

Several theories are going around about the purpose behind the accounts. One suggestion is that it may be a means to share links and other advertising material. But others are more suspicious, suggesting it could be a scam to secure people's personal data.

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo Credit: Pawan Manghnani/Facebook via Daily Mail

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