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Court: Woman Tried To Bomb Obama And Texas Governor

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Court: Woman Tried To Bomb Obama And Texas Governor Promo Image

A Houston woman was arrested for allegedly mailing bombs to former President Barack Obama and Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after cat hair found on the shipping label matched that of the suspect's pet.

Julia Poff was indicted on federal charges for the 2016 incidents, which included a homemade bomb in a cigarette pack. Poff was reportedly upset with Abbott, a former Texas attorney general, because she had not received support from her ex-husband.

She reportedly used a salad dressing bottle cap and put together a bomb with black powder and pyrotechnic powder, then mailed it to Abbott. Abbott opened the package the wrong way, which prevented the bomb from detonating.

"Had the device exploded, it could have caused severe burns and death," court documents stated, Houston Chronicle reported.

A similar package sent to Obama was detected before it reached the president.

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"Poff had stated that she did not like the President," court documents stated.

It was the Obama package that had cat hair on the shipping label, which authorities matched to one of Poff's pets. A third package was sent to the Social Security Administration in Maryland after Poff was denied government benefits.

A search of the woman's home revealed fireworks in her garage. Poff denied the allegations against her, saying at first that she was set up.

Poff was also charged with food stamp fraud and falsely claiming bankruptcy, New York Daily News reported. A federal judge ruled she be kept in jail until her trial.

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Many readers criticized Poff for committing such potentially violent crimes.

"I can see why some women in Texas would be upset with Governor Abbot, the legislature, and the previous governor," one Houston Chronicle reader commented. "But the solution is to vote for a candidate who will support policies for women, like Wendy Davis. Mailing bombs is stupid and you are going to the big house honey."

"At least she didn't discriminate against just one party," another wrote. "She didn't like either political party, the social security admin or private business owners. All kidding aside she is destructive and dangerous, hope they throw the book at her."

"A non-partisan nut case," another added.

"We make jokes about them and the ridiculousness of their wasted, failed lives," commented another reader. "It's all fun and games until someone gets their face blown off from a mailbomb. I don't care what party you're from or what public policy differences you think are oh so important. You don't build a bomb and send it someone. These crazies are not mere eccentrics or colorful characters. They're dangerous antisocial individuals who themselves are best described as ticking time bombs."

The commenter added: "Their repeated mischief needs to be viewed in the context of the totality of their interactions with society, not just in isolation as a person's one-time and imprudent act of frustration. This person has zero coping skills and should be removed from society. Prison probably isn't the best place for that in her case, but hey, we play the cards we're dealt. Lock her up."

Sources: Houston Chronicle, New York Daily News / Featured Image: Senior Airman Chris Willis/U.S. Air Forces Central Command / Embedded Images: DPS via Houston Chronicle

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