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Woman Who Made Up Molestation Story Arrested

A Louisiana woman who falsely accused a father of molesting his own 5-year-old daughter turned herself in to the Bossier Sheriff's Office on the morning of June 27.

Carrie Rivers, 32, made the accusation against a man whose child she regularly babysat for, according to the Bossier Press.  The accusation caused a thorough investigation into the matter, which became intrusive for the young child as it involved medical testing and the temporary removal of the father from the home.

Rivers was then sought by detectives for false swearing and obtained a warrant for her arrest in June.

Rivers had been a babysitter for the family during a short period of time in Spring 2016.  She was let go in May when her services were no longer needed, and reportedly became upset about payment.  She then sent a text message to the girl's mother saying that she feared the father had molested her, and that she had a photograph to prove it.

Rivers was originally wanted on two other charges, which were the unauthorized use of a movable (Rivers reportedly took the mother's phone without her permission) and improper telecommunications by harassing the mother with threatening messages.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington said of the case:

"We take every allegation of child abuse or sexual assault very seriously. Our deputies and detectives will diligently investigate each and every case and make the appropriate charges.

But when someone like Rivers makes false accusations, causing undue stress on another family, causing this young child to undergo invasive testing, triggering numerous hours of investigations and medical exams that weren’t warranted, our detectives will work just as hard to bring false accusers to justice."

Rivers is currently being held on a $35,000 bond.

Sources: Bossier Press, The Shreveport Times / Photo credit: BPSO via Shreveport Times

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