Woman Who Lied About Being Raped By Her Fiance's Boss Spared Jail Time

Days before his wedding, 28-year-old Chris Hutchings ran into his boss, 51-year-old Carl Williamson, walking out of the home he shared with his 23-year-old fiancee, Sophie Tucker.

Tucker claimed Williamson had forced her to have oral sex with him, a lie she repeated to hospital officials and the police, according to the Exeter Express and Echo. Williamson was detained and his reputation suffered, but he was ultimately found innocent.

The encounter was not only consensual but also planned; Tucker had been sending Williamson suggestive messages and naked selfies on Facebook before they met, Metro reported. Tucker lied about Williamson raping her to conceal her infidelity.

Tucker admitted to perverting the course of justice, but she was spared jail time. Instead, she has been ordered to attend classes and pay about $300 to the court, the Exeter Express and Echo reported.

During his ruling, Judge Ian Lawrie at Exeter Crown Court in England said that Tucker was avoiding time behind bars for the sake of her two young children.

“You must have known what you were doing was going to make life very difficult for the victim,” Lawrie told Tucker in court. "You showed selfishness and cowardice, which are deeply unappealing. He continued:

"You did not do the honest, courageous thing and admit what you had been up to. You chose to make this serious allegation of oral rape.

"You did not take the opportunity to put it right at the hospital. You set the lie running, and on one view you were shackled to it.

"When you were interviewed by the police a couple of hours later, that gave you the opportunity to withdraw the allegation, but you did not.

"All aspects of your behavior show you to be cowardly and thoroughly selfish. You say you were thinking about your children; you should have thought of them before you engaged in this act of oral sex...

"We live in a system where sexual complaints are hard enough to establish before a jury without your type of behavior casting doubt, so you have done a grave disservice to those who have genuine complaints of sexual assault."

Tucker apologized for harming Williamson.

"I am thoroughly sorry about what I did, and if I could do something to help him, I would," she said in court. "It was a stupid thing to do. He has not done nothing. I wish I could undo it.

"I know I have been selfish. I was trying to protect my family. I love my two children so much and I am worried when they grow up they are going to want to disown me for what I have done."

Sources: Exeter Express and Echo, Metro / Photo credit: Exeter Express and Echo

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