Woman Who Killed Three People In Parking Lot Accident Loses License For Year


The Florida woman who killed three people when she backed her car into them in a church parking lot had her license suspended yesterday. The woman, 79-year-old Doreen Landstra, paid a $1,000 fine and will not be able to drive for at least one year.

Landstra will have to attend driving school and meet several Florida Department of Motor Vehicles requirements if she wishes to drive again.

She was charged with “improper backing” for a February 2 incident in which she backed into and killed three people in a church parking lot. Witnesses say it appeared Landstra thought she put her car in drive when she’d actually left it in reverse. She backed into three people, killing one of them instantly. Two others later died at the hospital.

Following her court date, the husband of a woman who was killed in the accident said he holds no grudges against Landstra.

“I have no anger against Doreen and I forgive her," John Paul said. "It was an accident. She didn’t mean to do it.”

Paul then said he doesn’t believe Landstra should be allowed to drive again.

“She should have had her license removed immediately and she should have stopped driving years ago," he said. "That’s the reason for the tragedy.”

Paul is not alone in this opinion. Many people left similar sentiments in the comment sections of articles about Landstra after learning that this was her second parking lot accident in the last three years. In 2011, she slammed her SUV into a McDonald’s building after accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brake as she approached the restaurant. 

Sources: Bay News 9, Bradenton Herald


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