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Woman Who Killed Random Shopper At Shaw's Supermarket Sentenced To Life In Prison

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A woman who stabbed a random shopper to death in the frozen foods section of a Maine supermarket was sentenced to life in prison.

Connor MacCalister reportedly told authorities she went to the supermarket to murder “several random people,” because she was angry with life. According to court records, she was “off [her] meds” when she killed Wendy Boudreau in August 2015 in the ice cream aisle at a Shaw’s supermarket in Saco, Maine, where they both lived.

“As I walked towards the frozen food section there was police caution tape in one of the aisles,” shopper Colin Esposito said, reports WCSH 6. “I looked down the aisle and there was a massive pool of blood with the lady's purse lying next to it, almost in the pool.”

Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea said MacCalister's original plan was to kill one person, take another person as a hostage, then kill the hostage once police arrived to the scene. She reportedly had been planning the incident for several weeks.

MacCalister pleaded guilty, despite her lawyer’s advice to use an insanity defense. The guilty plea required MacCalister’s attorney, Robert LeBrasseur, to argue towards a life sentence.

According to ABC News, she decided to do so to "make this easier on Mrs. Boudreau's family and friends,” who spoke before the sentencing.

"Those poignant moments, when I realize she is really gone, are paralyzing," said Jessie Boudreau, Wendy's daughter. She added that MacCalister's "actions cracked the very foundation of our family and the Saco community."

"I hope you have good memories of her," MacCalister said. "I'm sorry."

MacCalister and the victim had reportedly never met before the incident. According to the affidavit, Boudreau “looked at [MacCalister] funny.”

MacCalister is a transgender man, born Tanisha Hopkins. She requested to be referred to as a woman in court and wants to be placed in a women's prison. MacCalister reportedly has stopped taking testosterone.

Sources: ABC News, WCSH 6 / Photo credit: WCSH 6

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