Woman Gets Restraining Order After Sending Sexy Pics


A rejected British fashion boutique owner barraged her ex-boyfriend with racy naked photos of herself after he dumped her.

Nicole Peri, 30, from Rayleigh, Essex, was so devastated by her breakup with Tim Harris, 25, that she bombarded him with 300 calls, including 130 in one day, in a frantic effort to get his attention.

She even messaged him on Whatsapp, sending her motorcycle-obsessed ex videos of them together. When he blocked her, she used a series of various phone numbers to try and call again, reports Daily Mail.

Harris said the harassment began in February 2015, according to court documents. “I have ignored all these messages, hoping they would stop but they didn't,” said Harris. “I don't know what else I can do to stop her contacting me. I continue to feel there is no escape from Nicole.”

Peri’s mother even contacted Harris, begging him to meet her daughter. Harris agreed, for the sake of telling Peri to move on, but the meeting soured and escalated into a fight.

Harris said they had met again amicably “to give her closure,” but then she started contacting him again.

The sexting campaign lasted five weeks as Peri sent illicit videos of herself to Harris, according to court documents.

Peri plead guilty of harassment by phone and on social media between Feb. 28 and April 2. In her police interview, Peri said the communication was “two ways,” reports The Sun.

Her fashion boutique has been closed for the past week. Peri’s staff has been running it during the week while she goes there at weekends.

“All I want is for her to leave me alone and stop harassing me. The whole thing is making me feel low, like I cannot live a normal life and move on,” said Harris.

The boutique owner has now been hit with a 12-month restraining order and sentenced to attend a 20-day “emotional management” course after she was convicted of harassment.

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail / Photo credit: SWNS via The Sun

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