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Woman Who Illegally Injected Toxic Materials Into Women's Butts Has Bond Set At $40K

A Florida woman accused of illegally injecting toxic substances into women’s bottoms has opted to remain in jail after reportedly not being able to afford the bond set at $40,000.

According to reports, 33-year-old Oneal Ron Morris appeared before a judge and admitted that she couldn’t afford the $40,000 bond set for her, and now, she’ll have to remain in jail while facing trial for seven separate cases. Included in the charges against her is manslaughter for the death of a woman who paid Morris $2,000 for butt injections.

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Morris, who is transgendered, reportedly injected women with a slew of toxic ingredients, including glue, caulk, flat tire sealant and cement. The Fort Lauderdale woman told the judge during court proceedings that she’s not a danger to society, but authorities say that three women suffered severe medical complications as a result of the injections.

The charge of manslaughter, which is included with several other charges of practicing medicine without a license, came after the victim, Shakarta Nuby, died from respiratory failure following the illegal procedure.

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Reports note that Morris has previously served time for practicing health care without a license, and, if she’s found guilty for this case, she could face up to 100 years in prison.

Sources:Daily Mail, WFTV, Statesman / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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