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Woman Who Hid Gun In Her Crotch Pleads Guilty

A Tennessee woman who hid a firearm in her crotch in 2014 pleaded guilty to driving offenses.

Dallas Archer, 21, was arrested in April 2014 for driving on a suspended license. When she was being booked at the police station, authorities discovered an "unknown object" in her groin area, reports The Smoking Gun.

A female officer escorted Archer to the restroom, searched her, and discovered Archer had concealed a loaded .22 caliber revolver inside her vagina.

She pleaded guilty to speeding and failing to provide a driver's license. She was also sentenced for introducing contraband into a police facility, for which she will serve a three-year prison term.

Archer was initially charged with firearms possession and theft, but the grand jury decided not to indict her on those charges.

The gun turned out to have been stolen from its registered owner, 71-year-old retired car salesman John Souther, resident of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Souther was in disbelief upon hearing news of where his gun had been.

"Oh, gosh!" Souther said, adding his weapon would need “a bath in bleach” when he got it back.

This isn't the only time someone has attempted to smuggle items into jail. An article on Oddee notes several instances bizarre instances, including smuggling cellphones, handguns and drugs.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Oddee / Photo credit: Kingsport Police Department

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