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Woman Who Hasn’t Worked In 4 Decades And Her Jobless Boyfriend Have One Simple Request

A 61-year-old woman who raised seven children on benefits from the government is looking to have another child with her 34-year-old fiancé.

Sandra Gallagher met Richard Broom while she was still with her partner of 53 years. Gallagher and her then-partner of 53 years went to visit Broom, who was her partner’s nephew, and the two met and held hands while the partner wasn’t looking. Nine days later, they were engaged.

The couple now lives in a taxpayer-funded B&B after being kicked out of their home when they were unable to afford rent. They live with Broom’s mother, who is the same age as Gallagher, and the three had been receiving benefits from the government prior to being evicted. They aren’t exactly happy about their new living situation, though.

“The B&B hasn't got a kettle or a TV,” Broom told the Mirror. “There's nothing to do so it's going to be really boring.” Broom was recently fired for “being lazy,” according to Mirror Online. His last job was as a road cleaner. He now spends his days playing video games and updating Facebook.

Gallagher, who hasn’t worked since she was 21 years old, has seven children and now wants another with her new fiancé.

“Some people might think it's strange but our love is real and we want to start a family together,” Gallagher said. “It might be difficult for us to conceive but we'll try."

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The couple, who hopes to get married later this year, has faced criticism for their relationship, much of which has come from Broom’s family. Family members reportedly believe that he stole Gallagher from his uncle.

Gallagher said she’s confident that with fertility treatment, she and Broom will be able to conceive a child. If successful, she would be the oldest woman in Britain to become pregnant.

“I'd love to have kids with Sandra,” Broom said, “she's the love of my life. I know she'll be a great mum because she's been a great mum seven times already.”

Source: Mirror OnlineDaily Mail/ Photo Credit: Daily Mail/Channel 5


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