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99-Year-Old Mother Reunites With Daughter She Gave Up

After more than 80 years, a mother and daughter have been reunited.

Eileen Warner, gave up her daughter at birth. Warner became pregnant after being raped on the way home from the library. Dorien Hammann, now 83, met her mother in person for the first time on April 25.

In 1932, while walking home from the library, 16-year-old Wagner and a female friend ran into two young men.

When they decided to take a shortcut through a park to get home in time for a 10 p.m. curfew, Wagner found herself alone with one of the men, who she says raped her.

Wagner never saw the man again, but soon discovered she was carrying his child.

She says she was reluctant to share her pregnancy with her parents, telling the Chicago Tribune, “in those days, it was such an embarrassment.”

Warner spent the last three months of her pregnancy at a home in Milwaukee for young women with unwanted pregnancies.

Inspired by the care she received from the nurses in the Milwaukee home, Warner later enrolled in a nursing program herself.

In April 1933, she gave birth to a daughter. The child, named Beverly Ann, lived in the care of the Children’s Home and Aid Society of Wisconsin for two years until she was adopted by George and Dorothy Schmidt, reports Daily Mail.

Now named Dorien Hammann, Warner’s daughter described her childhood as happy. While she had always been told she was adopted, Hammann says she never wanted to find her birth parents.

More than 80 years later, Hammann’s daughter-in-law started looking for Hammann's birth mother and found her through an obituary that listed Wagner by name, reports Find My Family Magazine.

Several phone calls later, Wagner and Hammann met in person for the first time since Hammann’s adoption.

Hammann told the Chicago Tribune, “It is still so hard to believe that at my age, my birth mother is still alive. I get chills and goose bumps all at the same time when I think of this.”

After reconnecting with her daughter, Warner shared the story with her two other children for the first time.

On May 29, Warner will celebrate her 100th birthday, surrounded, for the first time, by all three of her children.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Find My Family Magazine, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune

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