Woman Who Fell Out Of Moving Squad Car Sues LAPD For Sexual Assault


Kim Nguyen, a 27-year-old woman who was caught on video falling out of a moving LAPD car last year, now claims that she jumped out of the car to avoid further sexual assault by an officer that was sitting in the back of the squad car with her after the arrest. She has sued the police department and the arresting officers for their actions. 

Nguyen explained the sexually suggestive actions of the officer. 

“He was grabbing my left inner thigh ... opening my legs, touching my chest ... grabbing my ear to face me towards him,” Nguyen said during a deposition.  

Prior to being placed in the back of the squad car, Nguyen claims that she and two male friends were standing on a street in Downtown Los Angeles around 2am. According to CBS Local, the three were waiting for a cab because they had all been drinking. When officers arrived on the scene, they questioned Nguyen and her friends but initially decided to drive away. After they left the scene, they noticed Nguyen running across the street, so they arrested her for intoxication but left the other two men behind. 

Security camera evidence shows Nguyen falling out of the moving vehicle and lying in the street, still handcuffed, suffering significant injuries. Nguyen spent two weeks in the hospital after the incident, where her jaw was wired shut and she lost all of her teeth. 

Nguyen’s accusations of sexual assault were taped in a deposition that occurred in December. Thus far, however, the Los Angeles Police Department has refused to comment on any related litigation against them. Nguyen’s attorney Arnoldo Casillas claimed that they are also suing for the LAPD’s failure to secure Nguyen with a seatbelt or properly lock the door of the vehicle. 

According to the Huffington Post, Nguyen is an accounting and marketing graduate student at Loyola Marymount University.


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