Woman Who Cut Off Rapist's Penis And Killed Him Sent To Prison


Remember the Chinese woman who cut off her boyfriend’s penis and killed him after he raped her? She was sent to prison yesterday.

Yeung Ki, 41, will spend the next seven years in prison after a jury found her guilty of manslaughter. The jury found her not guilty of murder due to the situation in which she killed the man, Zhou Hui.

"That the victim forcibly had sexual intercourse with you while your daughter was present mitigated the killing,” Justice Peter Line said. "The verdict returned by the jury has saved you from life imprisonment

Justice Line said Yeung seemed truly sorry about killing Zhou.

“You never denied unlawful killing and admitted it at the trial. I perceived genuine remorse in you," he said. "It was a very grave crime. He was a healthy young man. You knew he had a family. He has parents and a wife.”

Following the killing, Yeung told police that Zhou beat her and her four-year-old daughter when she refused to give him thousands of dollars to buy a new car. Zhou also threatened to post nude pictures of Yeung online and beat her and her daughter to death if she didn’t comply.

When Yeung refused to give in to his demands, Zhou raped her. Yeung drugged him and cut off his penis following the rape. She then beat him to death with a hammer.

Yeung confessed her crimes to a social worker the day after she killed Zhou.

Sources: South China Morning Post (2)


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