Woman Who Committed Sex Act On Uniformed Cop Wins Almost $11K In Damages


A woman who filed a case against a London police officer after performing a sex act on him has been awarded £6,600 ($10,985) in damages from the Metropolitan Police force. 

According to the Daily Mail, the 37-year-old woman initiated contact with 34-year-old PC James Formby when the officer arrived at her home during a patrol. The woman then performed oral sex on Formby while he was in his uniform. 

During the court hearings, the woman claimed that she was too drunk to consent to the actions, as she was unaware of what was going on until she “woke up” while performing the sex act. 

Judge Edward Bailey, who presided over the case, acknowledged that the sexual encounter between the two was consensual. Still, he maintained that Formby should have demonstrated better judgement. 

“I conclude that there was consent to the sexual activity that took place,” Bailey said. "The more extreme and outrageous the claimant’s conduct was, the more the officer should have appreciated that here was a woman whose psychological state was such that sexual contact would cause harm. It is certainly not commonplace for a woman to throw herself at a man she has just met. For a police officer on duty and in uniform, every alarm bell in his head should have been ringing. But desire overcame judgement, it should have been the other way around.”

According to the Guardian, Formby has been convicted of criminal misconduct. He has also been dismissed from the force. 


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