Woman Who Claimed To Be Victim Of Hate Crime May Have Drawn Racist Graffiti On Her Own House


A few weeks after it was found that the man who claimed he was the victim of a hate crime actually scrawled racist words on his own house, police have begun investigating a Massachussets woman who accused her son’s football teammates of graffitiing their house with racist remarks.

The woman who initially complained about the incident, Andrea Brazier, has now become a “strong suspect,” according to Boston’s CBS Local.

Brazier is white and has a 13-year-old son with her African-American husband Anthony Phillips. The incident of graffiti that included racial slurs against the family caused an outrage in the local community. According to CBS, the residents of Lunenburg, the Massachusetts area where the incident occurred, even held a “candlelight vigil” protesting the hate crime. 

Brazier initially accused members of her son’s Lunenburg High School football team of being responsible for the incident, which resulted in the team’s last game of the season being canceled. The Lunenburg School Superintendent Loxi Jo Colmes maintained, however, that the cancellation of the game was not a punishment towards the students but a response to ensure the safety of the entire community.

“I never looked at the cancellation as a punishment although it is certainly viewed that way by many. In the end the safety of students and attendees at the game was deemed to be of paramount importance. At no time did I or any employee of the schools indict or implicate any of our players. In fact, my statements were that the graffiti investigation could NOT be limited to the team,” Colmes said.

That statement was delivered after police confirmed that they were investigating Brazier herself as a suspect and had found “two cans of spray paint and ammunition” from the home that had been vandalized.


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