Woman Who Burned Her Husband To Death Found Not Guilty Of Capital Murder


In 2012, Shriya Patel lured her husband into the bathtub by promising him a massage. She then tossed a cup of gasoline on him and lit him on fire. The man, Bimal Patel, spent five months in the hospital suffering from second and third-degree burns on over 70 percent of his body before ultimately dying from his wounds. Shriya was subsequently arrested and investigated regarding the incident. 

According to the Daily Mail, a jury recently found Shriya not guilty of capital murder. They did, however, find the woman guilty of “arson causing death.” Although a conviction for capital murder would have resulted in an automatic life sentence, the “arson causing death” sentence can last from five to 99 years. 

Evidence involved in Shriya’s trial included a bucket of gasoline, candles and lighters, as well as disabled fire alarms and sprinklers covered with plastic bags. Police also found evidence of Shriya purchasing these items at a supermarket prior to the attack, suggesting it was a planned event. 

Shriya and Bimal, both India natives whose marraige was arranged, had been in the United States only seven days before the attack occurred. The couple lived in Austin, Texas. The Daily Mail notes that, during the trial, prosecutors alleged Shriya Patel was unhappy with her marriage.

According to India West, Shriya’s trial was extended after the court found one of the jury members “drastically inappropriate” during deliberations. That jury member did not show up to continue deliberations on Monday, and needed to be replaced.  


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