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Woman Who Admitted To Groping Flight Attendant Only Gets $232 Fine

A woman who pleaded guilty to groping and slapping a male flight attendant on an international flight last year was ordered to pay just $232 in court costs and write a letter of apology to the victim.

Alexandra Rose Williams, 36, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court in Australia this week and pleaded guilty to offensive and disorderly conduct on a July 19, 2013, Philippines Airlines flight from Manila to Melbourne.

Williams allegedly drank on the flight while taking sleeping pills. She lied to a flight attendant so that she could sneak into the first class cabin, telling him she wanted to a visit a friend.

He was surprised when she never returned to her coach seat and found her sitting in a first class seat listening to music on her phone.

When a flight attendant told her to return to her seat, she danced up to him and slapped him on the buttocks while attempting to kiss him. When he spurned her advances, she slapped him across the face and said, “Nobody tells me what to do.”

Her attorney, Alex Lewenberg, said the incident was out of character for Williams. He told magistrate Timothy Walsh that the mixture of drugs and alcohol heightened her already “very friendly” personality.

But on Thursday Williams was rebuked by the magistrate for dancing her way out of the courtroom.

“Pull your head in,” Walsh said. “It’s a courtroom, not a pub.”

Walsh placed her on a three-month $500 good behavior bond, ordered her to pay $232 in costs and write letters of apology to the victim and another member of the cabin crew.

Sources: The Age, Herald Sun


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