Woman Who Admitted To Breaking Into Man's Home And Raping Him Learns Her Fate


The Seattle, Washington, woman accused of raping a man while he slept has pleaded guilty.

In June 2014, Chantae Gilman, then 26 and pregnant, was arrested after she allegedly broke into a 31-year-old man’s home she did not know and raped him while he slept.

The unnamed man woke up to find Gilman on top of him and his erect penis inside of her, Opposing Views previously reported. Gilman had pinned the man’s hands above his head and refused to get off of him when he asked her to do so.

Gilman and the man did not know one another but he recognized her as a “drug user” in the neighborhood.

A plea of not guilty was originally entered by Gilman in October 2014, The Seattle Times reported. She had originally denied being in the victim’s home or having sex with him.

The testing of a sexual assault kit proved Gilman’s DNA was a match.

Gilman pleaded guilty to attempted rape and assault, as part of a plea deal with prosecutors in a Seattle, Washington, court last week, reports The Daily Mail.

Gilman will serve nine months in jail and be required to register as a sex offender.

In her plea deal statement, Gilman acknowledged she “made a substantial step to have sexual intercourse with M.O.” She also admitted that the sexual contact was not consensual because the man was asleep and “unable to consent.”

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