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Woman Who Accused Her Husband Of Beating Her Is Arrested For Domestic Battery

Kellyanne Wade, 51, told Officer Matthew Friedman of the Ocala, Florida, police department that her husband struck her in the face on June 10. Wade was reportedly bleeding from her forehead and had a large purple bump over her eyes.

Her story seemed to hold up until a woman approached the officer and showed him a cellphone video of the fight between Wade and her husband. The Ocala Star Banner reported that the video showed Wade punching her husband repeatedly. While Wade called for help, she also screamed at her husband to leave her alone, although he was nowhere near her.

Before the incident, Wade reportedly told her husband she fell into a table and hit her eye while he was at a baseball game. Wade and her husband later got into a car together, along with two teenagers. Wade began driving so erratically, her husband was afraid for their safety and stepped on the brakes. 

After the group made it to a nearby parking lot, Wade allegedly punched her husband several times and hit herself in the face with a mug before throwing it on the ground. Police say they later recovered the broken mug. Though the teens backed up his version of events, Wade insisted her husband hit her with the mug.

Wade has been charged with domestic battery

This isn’t the first time Wade has been in trouble for violence. She was arrested in April for domestic battery and was accused of violating a pre-trial intervention program related to a 2014 arrest.

Sources: The Ocala Star Banner, Mugshots Ocala

Image: Ocala Police via The Ocala Star Banner


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