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Woman To White Man: Don't Film Women Of Color (Video)

Filmmaker Andrew Marcus took his camera to the University of Illinois at Chicago on March 11 to document a mass protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's rally, which was eventually canceled by Trump (video below).

In the clip, Marcus interviews a woman (possibly Hispanic) who is carrying a Mexican flag, and asks her what would happen if an American marched in Mexico with an American flag, noted, which published the video.

“Some crazy s---,” she replies.

The video then cuts to a white woman who waves her hands in front of Marcus's camera.

When Marcus asks her what he is doing wrong, she pulls out her cell phone and appears to start filming him. She asks Marcus his name and what part of Chicago he is from.

“I wish somebody could come save me from you right now,” Marcus jokes.

The white woman fires back: "Right, well, nobody has to save you because you’re a f-----ing white man who gets to do whatever he wants to in this space, right? So I’m saying no, you do not have permission to walk around videotaping women of color and acting like you can do that and the rest of us can’t."

"Aren’t you quite aware by holding that video camera on me you are surrounded by your privilege, right?" she adds. "Take your privilege somewhere else please, alright? Because your privilege is not welcome here. So unless you are here to dismantle your privilege, please find somewhere else to go."

In Marcus's complete video, several Mexican flags are waved by protesters, which may have been because the University of Illinois at Chicago has a large number of international students.

Marcus appeared on the Fox News show "Hannity" on March 17, where he described his experience of filming the anti-Trump protest: "I think the premiere message is one of hate and intimidation. This was a premeditated act of harassment and intimidation to shut down the Trump event wrapped in a message of stopping the hate ... They are preaching a message of absolute hatred."

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Sources:, Fox News / Photo credit: RebelPundit/YouTube

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