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Republican Grabs Woman's Genitals, Says Shocking Thing

A Greenwich, Connecticut, Republican politician was arrested and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault for groping a woman's groin area.

Police arrested Christopher von Keyserling on Jan. 11, more than a month after the Dec. 8 incident involving a 56-year-old woman he encountered at an unnamed facility in Greenwich. They spoke shortly about politics, during which time the woman said it was a "new world politically," and that he should educate other politicians, the Westport Weston Daily Voice reports.

"I love this new world," he allegedly replied. "I no longer have to be politically correct."

The woman responded by saying that if he was proud of that fact, then she couldn't "help" him, to which 71-year-old von Keyserling replied by calling her a "lazy, bloodsucking union employee."

The woman said "f**k you," according to the arrest warrant, prompting von Keyserling to follow her into her office. While in the office, he said he wanted to speak with her co-worker.

The co-worker declined to speak with von Keyserling, and accompanied the victim as she left the office. As the two walked by, von Keyserling allegedly reached from behind and placed his hand in her groin area. The woman claimed that he "looked back with a really evil look in his eyes and said 'it would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you.'"

The woman went to the police the next day on Dec. 9 and reported the incident. She declined to pursue a criminal complaint, which prompted a detective to call von Keyserling and instruct him not to have any contact with her and to stay away from the executive director of the facility.

Von Keyserling said he understood and apologized for the situation.

"He related that he was sorry he pinched her, and ... it has gotten this out of hand," the warrant states.

The woman ultimately decided to file a criminal complaint, explaining that she was reluctant because she was afraid of what he might do. 

A surveillance video of the incident reportedly shows von Keyserling doing exactly what the victim claimed. 

"In almost 30 years of practicing law in this town, I would say Mr. von Keyserling is the one person I would never suspect of having any inappropriate sexual predilections," von Keyserling's lawyer, Phil Russell, told the Greenwich Time. "There was a playful gesture, in front of witnesses. It was too trivial to be considered anything of significance. To call it a sexual assault is not based in reality."

Sources: Westport Weston Daily Voice, Greenwich Time / Photo credit: Facebook via Westport Weston Daily Voice 

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