Pit Bull Put Down After Mauling Woman To Death A Week After Being Adopted


A North Carolina woman was fatally mauled by a dog she had adopted a week earlier.

Suzanne Story, 36, had adopted a Pit Bull from Virginia early February, 13 News Now reported. She was found dead in her home on Feb. 10 after the dog attacked her.

Story’s family says the mother-of-two got the dog from Virginia a week earlier after responding to an advertisement she saw in the newspaper. The ad reportedly stated that the dog was good with children.

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“I think they had a problem with the dog and didn't know how to handle it, and they were just trying to get rid of it, and they did,” Story's stepfather, Randy Brown, told 13 News Now. “Found somebody that would take it, and ended up with a death.”

The news station was able to identify the former dog owner as Cheryl Davino, of Norfolk. Davino gave Story the dog at no charge, says Daily Mail.

“Brought the dog down here, and said that the dog was gentle, it was good with people, good with children, it had never attacked any person,” Brown stated. “Why a dog would attack her, I mean, is beyond me, but it had to have been the dog, not her.”

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Debbie Brown, Story’s mother, said Story was cleaning the dog’s crate at time of the attack. The sister tried to stop the attack to no avail. She called 911, but Story was already dead by the time medics arrived.

Jonathan Nash, Story’s neighbor, said he saw the dog a few days prior to the incident.

“Seen her walking the dog, and the dog was really pulling her, and she was struggling to maintain control from her driveway to her front door,” recalled Nash. “Like I said, started to worry about my little one, if the dog gets out, what is he going to do?”

Brown said the family plans to take legal action against the dog’s previous owner.

“She's just a great person, and it shouldn't have happened,” Brown added. “I just think that the people that pawned the dog off on these people need to be held responsible.”

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Story is survived by her 15 and 17-year-old daughters.

Police said animal control officers took the Pit Bull into custody and put the dog down on Feb. 11.

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Sources: 13 News Now, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: 13 News Now

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