Woman Tries To Raise Money To Attend Prince's Funeral


One Prince fan was so distraught over his death she created a GoFundMe page on April 21 to raise $3,000 so she could attend his funeral.

"My family is a huge Prince fan," fan Meeka Late wrote. "I can remember growing up with Prince and Luther along with MJ playing loud early on Saturday mornings while my mom cleaned the house."

"He didn't care about what others had to say about his selection of stylish clothing, or the way he handled his gift of music. Prince was Prince and there will be No other," she added.

When asked what she would do with the money, Late wrote, "All donations will be spent on Airfare to Minnesota along with Hotel and A 'Little Red Corvette' rental."

“For everyone who donates I'll put your name on a Purple Canvas and place it on the Prince memorial outside of his Paisley Park home,” she later added.

Unfortunately for Late, however, at only $1,788, she did not raise enough money in time to attend his funeral on April 23.

The funeral ended up being closed to the public.

“A few hours ago, Prince was celebrated by a small group of his most beloved: family, friends and his musicians, in a private, beautiful ceremony to say a loving goodbye,” Prince’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure said, reports The New York Times. “Prince’s remains have been cremated and their final storage will remain private.”

Still, that did not deter Late from getting to Minnesota, where Prince lived.

“Yes There will be No funeral,” she wrote on April 24. “However I will still be traveling to Minnesota to say farewell to my favorite artists at the Fan Memorial outside of his home.”

Meanwhile, the page irked many who vocalized their complaints on the GoFundMe page.

"Bihhh you THOUGHT better sit at home & watch it on b.e.t with the rest of our broke a**es," one person wrote.

“I am not trying to scam anyone,” Late said in response to the negative feedback. “I'm just a True Prince fan who thought of a creative way to make my dream come halfway true.”

​Sources: Meeka Late/GoFundMeThe New York Times / Photo credit: Meeka Late/GoFundMe

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