Dying Woman Back In Prison After Being Granted Medical Leave


Florida woman Sabrina Orbera, 45, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence resulting in manslaughter and, as a result, has been in prison since 2006.

Although she was facing 15 years in prison, she was released from prison in December 2015 after being diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. However, she was arrested again for allegedly pulling her daughter’s hair during a dispute during a fight on Feb. 3, the Associated Press reported.

According to an affidavit obtained by the Daily Mail, Orbera and her adult daughter, Keylania McIntosh, were arguing over tax issues when the fight turned physical, although Orbera said her daughter shoved her grandmother and punched her. Orbera was charged with domestic violence battery. She is currently in the hospital but once she is discharged, she has been ordered to report back to jail while the board reviews her parole violation.

Orbrera’s request to stay home during an investigation by the Florida Commission on Offender Review was denied and a parole review could reportedly take up to two months. Doctors believe Orbrera has six months to live.

“I know that there is some things that have taken place for me to be rearrested, but it was a misunderstanding ... She's my daughter and I love her and she loves me as well,” Orbera told the Orlando Sentinel. She also expressed concern that she won’t get adequate cancer treatment behind bars.

McIntosh hasn’t spoken out about her mother’s arrest, but in 2011 she started an online petition to reform Florida’s parole laws.

"She has miss so much of my life when I needed her the most because of a mistake," McIntosh wrote in the petition on Causes.com. "My mother is getting her GED, something that she always said she wanted to do but never really had the time for herself to do it. Now she has had enough time to realize her mistakes and prove that she has changed."

Sources: AP via WFLA, Daily MailOrlando Sentinel, Causes.com / Photo Credit: Police handout via Daily Mail, WFTV

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