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Stranger Saves Elderly Man's Life (Video)

A stranger saved an elderly man's life, thanks to the Silver Alert in Tennessee (video below).

Bill Denton, 88, was supposed to pick up his wife at a nail salon in Franklin, but never made it, WTVF reported.

Instead, horse trainer Macy Wesson found Denton sitting in a parking lot at the wrong location.

“It just seemed a little strange that he didn’t move,” Wesson said. “I was almost went up and said something but I convinced myself he was just waiting for somebody and just left it alone.”

But she wasn’t able to shake the image of him in his car out of her mind.

After a few hours had passed, Denton’s family members had still not heard from him. They grew increasingly worried because the elderly man has breathing issues.  He is only able to breathe thanks to his portable oxygen tank, which has a limited supply of oxygen.

“As [the tank] goes down and depletes, his memory loss, I’m told, becomes worse,” explained police officer Charlie Warner.

Denton’s daughter then called local police, which promptly issued a Silver Alert.

Like the Amber Alert, when police issue a Silver Alert, the public is immediately notified an elderly person has gone missing, the CUE Center for Missing Persons reports.

Unlike the Amber Alert, which helps find missing children, the law is not as strict for finding the elderly.

Without it Denton might not have survived, authorities say.

Wesson saw the alert later in the evening on the Williamson County News Facebook page. She immediately recognized the man as the one she saw earlier.

“When I saw the alert my stomach dropped because I thought, ‘Oh I should have said something. I should have gone with my gut and knocked on the window,'” said Wesson.

Wesson said she immediately called the police and notified them of Denton’s location.

Four hours after he was supposed to pick his wife up, police found Denton still waiting in the parking lot at the wrong nail salon.

“We were able to get paramedics to this man and we were able to reunite him with his family very quickly,” Warner said.

Denton’s daughter later confirmed her father recovered from the incident. Meanwhile, the nail salon had taken care of and sent her elderly mother home when Denton did not show up.

Sources: WTVF/News Channel 5/YouTube,CUE Center for Missing Persons / Photo credit: WTVF/News Channel 5/YouTube

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