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Man On Horse Stops Purse Thief, Rides Into The Night

Just like in the movies, a mysterious man on a horse stopped a thief who had stolen a woman’s purse.

"Did this really happen?" shopper Natalie Rivera asked KCBS News.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, yes, an unidentified man on horseback apprehended a robber who had taken a woman’s purse.

The incident happened during the evening on March 25 at Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge, California. Surveillance cameras caught a man following the woman around 10:30 p.m. in the parking area at the shopping center, KTLA 5 News reports. She was walking towards her vehicle when her purse was snatched away.

The woman screamed that her purse had just been stolen, which alerted a man who had been riding his horse nearby, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Sal Sandoval.

"It probably gives you a little protection if you’re on a horse," shopper Mike Stoner told KCBS News. "You’ve got a little more gusto there to go after somebody."

The man riding a horse followed the reported thief and cornered him at the intersection of Prairie Street and Tampa Avenue. At that point, the suspect dropped the purse and fled the scene.

"You may be cool, but you'll never be 'stopping-a-purse thief-while-riding-horseback-in-the-21st-century' cool," Michael Hernandez wrote on KTLA 5 News' Facebook page.

After the alleged purse snatcher escaped, the man on horseback returned to the mall and gave the purse back to the woman.

"I love this story, but having been to Northridge, how is no one else asking why he was riding a horse in the city?" Francisco Cortez inquired on the Facebook page. "Super impressive."

"Having lived just blocks from this Mall, Horses were fairly common in that part of the San Fernando Valley," Ellen Weber wrote. "Hooray for the posse."

Several shoppers at Northridge Fashion Center were equally impressed by the mysterious rider's actions.

"If you’re taken, she’s very lucky, but if you’re not, call me!" Rivera joked to KCBS.

"Oh, my goodness, he has a horse and he saved someone’s purse?" Rosie Felix added.

"This is for real," Lisa Torossian-Jankouzian wrote on the KTLA 5 News Facebook page. "I know the victim and I want to thank the brave hero on the horse who helped shows that their are still good hearted helping and Caring people in this world."

Sources: KTLA 5 News, KCBS News, KTLA 5 News/Facebook / Photo Credit: Google Maps via KTLA 5 News, Airbnb

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