Mother Dies At Drive-Thru, Pastor Volunteers To Help

A South Carolina woman died after a tragic accident at a restaurant drive-thru.

On March 23, 28-year-old Pamela Page of North Charleston, South Carolina was killed while ordering a beverage in the Biggby Coffee drive-thru in Summerville.

According to WCBD News, she and her daughter were in the vehicle when Page dropped her credit card while paying her for coffee. According to a police report, Page had her foot placed on the brake while she bent over to retrieve her belonging, but her foot slipped off the pedal.

This resulted in the car moving ahead and Page’s door striking a pillar, which caused the door to pin her, as reported by WCSC News. Page died at 8:52 am of blunt force trauma to the head and neck, according to Dorchester County Coroner Alice Durr.

The owners of the restaurant had initially planned to reopen the facility at 2:00 p.m. that day, but decided to stay closed out of respect for the victim’s family.

"My heart goes out to her family, that's so awful, I'm so sorry," said customer Laurel Lea. "Somebody lost their life. I can go somewhere else for coffee."

After hearing about the tragedy, a local pastor wanted to reach out to the family, even though they had never met.

"How many times have we leaned out of our car to pick up something we dropped at a drive-thru?" said. "It was so tragic."

Belanger of the First Fruits Community Church commented on the WCBD Facebook page and succeeded in getting in contact with Page’s sister. With the sister’s blessing, he established a donation page to eliminate the family’s financial burden during this time.

"If we can, share this to as many people as possible," he said. "If somebody donates $5 [...], or if somebody donates $100, it really doesn’t matter the amount, but we just need people to donate."

Page left behind three young children, aged ten, 6, and 5 months old. Belanger said he knew what it was like to lose a sister with children.

"We all sooner or later are going to experience tragic times of loss and hurt or pain, but it’s just an opportunity at the same to be able to just reach out and show someone who’s a complete stranger that we really care," he said of his willingness to help the family.

Sources: WCBD News, [2], WCSC News / Photo credit: WNCN News

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