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Woman Says She Was Called 'Extra Fat' On Her Restaurant Reciept

Rebecca Rummerfield and her boyfriend patronize the Casa Mexicana restaurant in Sherwood, Arkansas, about three times a week, but she says they won’t eat there anymore after a bartender insulted her weight.

On Rummerfield’s receipt, she was identified as “X Gordo” meaning “extra fat” in Spanish. "It really hurt my feelings because I have a thyroid disease and I used to be extremely skinny. But my weight is out of my control right now. I take medication for it,” Rummerfield told KARK. 

Rummerfiend confronted the manager, who told her it was someone else’s tab, so she went to the bartender, who has not been identified.

"I went back to the bar and said, 'Well, why did we pay someone else's tab? Can we get our correct tab?,'" Rummerfield said. "And that's when the bartender proceeded to tell me that he did write that, and he did mean it in a derogatory fashion.”

The manager has maintained that the receipt was a joke meant for someone else, but the bartender has been fired. He also apologized to Rummerfield. 

"It's just hurtful that we spend so much money in there to be treated like this,” Rummerfield said.

Rummerfield is also a bartender and server and said she wouldn’t act disrespectfully toward her own customers. "I would never write anything regarding anyone's looks, race, anything like that on their receipt," she said. "I don't think anyone should be treated like that.”

This isn’t the first time restaurants have been accused of identifying their customers by their weight. A woman at a Pizza Hut in Singapore said she received a receipt that identified her as "Pink Fat Lady” in 2014. For that transgression, Pizza Hut apologized and said they would investigate the incident, Eater reported.

Sources: KARK, Eater / Photo credit: KARK

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