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Murdered Rapper Chinx's Wife Befriends Mistress

A murder borne of hate helped give birth to a miraculous bond between a man's wife and his mistress.

The murdered Rapper Chinx’s wife astounded many after she not only befriended her husband’s mistress, but attended the woman’s baby shower.

The rapper had cheated on Janelli Caceras with Patricija Muratovic before being killed in 2015, When Rap Was Real reports.

Adding insult to injury, Muratovic became pregnant with the rapper’s child, Liam. It appears all three kept quiet until the world learned about it after the celebrity's death.

Yet instead of hate, the woman, Caceras -- also a mother to some of the rapper’s children -- did something that surprised many: she forgave, befriending his mistress.

“What the world thought was breaking news or drama we already knew months ago n me you n him were handling it privately and respectfully!” Caceras wrote on Instagram. “I thank you for being classy, respectful and making this journey as easy as it can possibly be.”

Even more astoundingly to some, it appears she supported the other woman throughout her pregnancy and even attended the baby shower.

“The long convos, the lunch n dinner dates have helped me n I will forever be here for you and Liam!” Caceras wrote below a photo of the two at the shower. “We had it figured out before we gained an angel n we will continue to hold it down as we gain another one #welcomebabyLiam P.S. Your friends and family are Awesome I had a great time!”

However, not everybody approves of the friendship. Some have criticized Cacera, who says she does not care and instead finds it “crazy” anybody would think negatively of her actions.

“[Chinx] took care of his kids n he had no choice but to be there for this one whether he wanted to or not!! He f*** up...but that baby is innocent!” she said. “In the end the bigger picture is his kids all share the same story - Their dad was murdered when they were just a child! All they have in this world is each other! I’m blessed, I’m strong, I’m growing!”

Sources: When Rap Was Real, therealnelli_/Instagram / Photo credit: therealnelli_/Instagram via When Rap Was Real

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