Woman Wants Boyfriend Who Shot And Nearly Killed Her To Be Set Free


A Corpus Christi, Texas woman who was shot by her boyfriend five times says she does not want him to go to jail for what he did.

Back in August, Leticia Perales was shot inside of her truck five times by her boyfriend Jacob Salazar. According to reports, Salazar became jealous and accused Perales of cheating on him, so out of anger, he grabbed his gun, shot her five times at point blank range in the neck, side, and back, and left her for dead.

Despite the near-death experience and countless other instances of abuse and death threats in the history of their relationship, Perales spoke out days after the incident saying she forgave Salazar and claiming that she still loved him

“My kids hate him, but I can't hate him, I cant hate him, I just want him to get help,” Perales said following the horrific shooting incident. “I know it's wrong, but I still do love Jacob.”

KRIS-TV reports that Perales’ feelings do not seem to have changed, as she commented on a Facebook post they made about his appearance in court this week, writing, “Free Jacob.”

At the time of the shooting, Perales also said that she believed Salazar still loved her as well.

“Never would I have thought that he would turn around and actually shoot every bullet that that gun had, but yet he said he loved me,” Perales said at the time of the incident. “I forgive him for what he did to me, but I hate him for what he put me through.”

Salazar appeared in court on Monday and is facing aggravated assault, family violence, and auto theft charges.

Sources:KRIS-TV, KZTV 10 News / Photo Source: KZTV 10 News


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