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Trump Protest: Woman Vandalizes Cars With Peanut Butter

A Wisconsin woman has been charged with disorderly conduct after smearing peanut butter on cars parked outside of what she thought was a rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The incident occurred on Oct. 17. Christina Ferguson, 32, was arrested after causing a disturbance during a Tomorrow River Conservation Club meeting in Amherst Junction, the Stevens Point City Times reported.

Ferguson thought the meeting was a Trump rally, according to the criminal complaint. She entered the meeting holding a jar of peanut butter and started yelling at the attendees about how much she hated the Republican presidential candidate.

Members of the club asked Ferguson to leave, and she complied. Then one of the members suggested they check the parking lot to “make sure she wasn’t doing anything to their vehicles after leaving,” the criminal complaint stated.

When the club members stepped outside, one of them saw Ferguson smearing peanut butter on a car. The member yelled at Ferguson, who then walked into a nearby apartment complex. The member then called the police.

Ferguson initially told police she did not leave her apartment complex that night. She repeatedly licked her fingers while being questioned by the deputy.

A club member eventually identified Ferguson, who then confessed to crashing the meeting and spreading peanut butter on the cars parked outside. When police asked why she did it, Ferguson became “very emotional” and talked about “how much she loved Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump.”

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Ferguson added that she had been “terrorized” by Trump supporters.

“Peanut buttering is better than firebombing, and Trump plans on firebombing everybody in other countries,” Ferguson said, according to the complaint.

When authorities explained to Ferguson that she had actually crashed the meeting of a nonprofit conservation organization, she apologized and said she was “just fed up about the entire election.”

Ferguson also smelled like alcohol while being questioned. She admitted to drinking beer and brandy that night. Ferguson blew a .218 on the breathalyzer, the New York Daily News reported.

Deputies described the peanut butter Ferguson used as a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif.”

“Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched,” Chief Deputy Dan Kontos told the Stevens Point City Times.

Sources: Stevens Point City Times, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Portage County Jail via New York Daily News

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