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Woman Walks In On Shocking Scene Featuring Her 3-Year-Old And Another Child

A mom caught her three-year-old son in the midst of a very concerning act recently. The mother, who remains anonymous, says she walked in on a neighbor's four-year-old boy performing oral sex on her son.

The woman says other neighbors told her in the past that the boy had done the same thing to their young sons, but she didn’t believe them until now.

“I had to keep vigil over my son after a few neighbors told me that the boy had done the same thing with their sons too,” the Malaysian woman told The Star Online. “At first, I was skeptical about the neighbors’ claims but then I witnessed it with my own eyes.”

The mother was confused when her son started complaining about discomfort in his private parts a few weeks ago. Now, everything makes sense.

“Only when I saw the whole disgusting act did I realize that this has been going on for some time and the neighbors were right,” she says.

She doesn’t completely fault the other young boy, though.

“I don’t totally blame my neighbor’s son,” she says. "He is still young and is probably emulating the same act after watching smutty materials.”

The boy’s parents went on the defensive when the woman told them what she saw.

“I told them their son needs help and should be rehabilitated but they challenged me to lodge a police report instead,’’ she says. She filed a report the next day.

The mom says the sexual act exposed her three-year-old son to a realm he has no business being exposed to yet.

“I have to hit his hand and reprimand him whenever he tried to pleasure himself and it’s very depressing to see him exposed to such an act at a tender age,” she says. “The only thing we could do now is send him for more religious classes and guide him on what is right and wrong.”

Source: The Star Online

Photo: Sunset Media


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