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Woman Miraculously Survives Car Crash With Only A Minor Injury

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Karen Brown, 36, was driving through South Africa when she was hit by a truck who ignored a red light. She miraculously walked away with only a cut finger.​

According to Brown, the Nelspruit, South Africa, event reaffirmed her faith in God.

Brown was making a left turn at an intersection when a large blue truck ignored the red light and slammed into her car, IJReview reports. The truck rolled on top of Brown’s Ford Fiesta and crumpled the small vehicle.

Those who saw photos of crash believed that the passenger was dead immediately after the scene, since Brown’s car essentially folded like an accordion, RachFeed reports. However, Brown was perfectly safe.

Brown was in such good condition that she didn’t even need to be taken to the hospital. She walked away with only a cut on her finger. She had no bruises or major injuries.

Brown’s body had been pushed into a tiny pocket of space in the car, which saved her life. First responders spent almost two hours attempting to remove her from the car.

According to Brown, Jesus took her hand through the entire event. 

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Sources: IJReview, RachFeed

Photo Credit: RachFeed, Facebook via IJReview


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