Woman Wakes Up To Find Unknown Baby In Her Bed


A Michigan woman was shocked to wake up one morning and discover a mystery baby lying in bed with her.

According to reports, the Battle Creek woman awoke to find a one-year-old baby boy in her bed and she had no idea where he came from. She attempted to call her 18-year-old son, but was unable to reach him, and according to reports, he doesn’t have any children of his own.

The woman brought the child to police, and in a statement from the Battle Creek Police Department, officers said the baby boy was an “instant hit at the police department with the night shift officers and ended up being showered with matchbox cars, teddy bears and beanie babies. Officers brushed up on their tactical diaper changing and peekaboo techniques.”

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Ultimately, it was discovered that the woman’s 18-year-old son dropped the baby off at his mother’s house before going out, but failed to inform his mother, although it’s still not being reported why he had the baby in the first place. Police were able to identify the baby, however, and will soon return the child to his mother.

Sources:Fox 17 News, WOOD / Photo Sources: WOOD, Fox 17 News


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