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Brave Woman Uses Hidden Camera To Show What Life Under ISIS Rule Is Really Like (Video)

A brave woman has filmed some secret footage of life in Raqqa, Syria – the capital city of ISIS.

The anonymous woman filmed the footage with a camera placed discretely under her niqab.

The footage shows heavily armed men and women all around. At one point, a man calls the woman over to his car and tells her that too much of her face is showing.

“God loves women who are covered,” the man says.

A narrator in the video says there is forced prayers, no music, and no entertainment in Raqqa.

The woman’s footage also takes us inside an internet café in the city. There, a handful of women who moved to Raqqa from France use the internet to get in touch with relatives. One woman is heard arguing with a relative back in France who wants her to return home. The woman claims she is safe and says everything on TV about turmoil in the region is exaggerated.

All in all, the footage provides an interesting glimpse into the hotbed of one of the world’s most despised groups. Here it is:

Sources: MailOnline, YouTube


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