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Russian Woman Uses Google Maps-Like App to Find Cheating Fiance

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A Russian woman has dumped her cheating fiancé after busting him with another woman. This, however, is not the normal story of catching someone while out on a date or finding them in a car. No, Marina Voinova busted her cheating fiancée on a local version of Google Maps.

Voinova said she was devastated to see the image of the "love of her life" walking down the street with his arms wrapped around some mystery brunette. Voinova was using the street view version of Yandex Maps when she saw the pictures of her cheating lover. Unlike Google Maps, Yandex does not blur the faces of people who are on the site when you search for an address. Easily able to identify her partner of over five years, Voinova was devastated to see him caught in the act of cheating.

Speaking to, Marina said, "First I thought 'how could someone look so similar to my Sasha?' I looked more carefully, zoomed in saw it was indeed him and indeed her!

“For the last tow or three months, I was thinking that I’d better not find and see that picture. But that was fate, it probably had to happen that way.”

A furious Voinova took the evidence straight to her fiancée. She confronted him about the cheating scandal and the photograph she found and then he came clean about his affair.

Although her iance begged for her forgiveness and said that it was out of “stupidity” and not out of “love for the other woman,” Voinova was not moved and refused to reconcile with the cheater.

She has since parted ways with her Sasha, saying that she realized he had constantly been lying and cheating on her.

Lucky for Voinova, Yandex has a policy that they do not blur the faces seen on their mapping website.

Source: (New York Daily News)


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