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Woman Uses Pair Of Tweezers To Uncover What Had Been Causing Her Leg Pain (Video)

A woman was able to grab hold of what appeared to be a parasite embedded deep in her leg using a pair of tweezers.

According to the Daily Mirror, the video (below), titled “Removal of monster…something from my leg,” was posted on YouTube by Shannon Shields.

In the clip, the woman finally manages to pull the brown, scab-like creature out of her skin after more than one minute later, leaving behind a small hole on her leg.

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The video has received a number of comments from YouTube users. Instead of being disgusted by the clip, some people congratulated the woman for successfully extracting the creature. Other viewers told the woman to visit a hospital right away to ask for treatment.

According to the Daily Offbeat, a viewer commented: “Looks just like dead tissue….what dead monster. Anyways looked like such a relief to get it out.”

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Another wrote: “You should go quick to the doctor because the ticks can provide you with the lyme syndrom (sic) what is it a very brutal sickness…Belive (sic) me my mom get blinded by a tick bite :/“

Watch the whole video here:

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Offbeat / Photo Credit: Screenshots via Shannon Shields/YouTube


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